How To Pick The Perfect Domain Name

What things make the domain name perfect?

Well, it includes the following :

  • Relatively short
  • Simple to remember
  • Easy to spell

One of my customers wants to have his own website for his business. His business name was ‘Green Ocean Trading Company’. The domain name he wanted was:

I spotted some problems with that domain name as:

1. It’s too long:

If you have a long domain name, it will be annoying for your visitors and it is huge chance that they will make the spelling mistake.

2. Too many keywords:

It has four (4) keywords (Green Ocean Trading Company). So, It is hard to remember for your customer.

Therefore, try to stick to one or two keywords in your domain name.

3. Easy to misspell:

The word ‘ocean’ can be easily confused for ‘otion’.

4. The email addresses of this domain will also be too long:

For example, if you have one email like this; It is very much annoying to remember.

How to pick a good domain name:

Here are some key points that may help you to make a good domain name.

1) The shorter the better

The short and easy to remember domain name is the first preference for a good domain name.

2) Go for something catchy

Don’t use boring keywords in your domain name. In fact, you should come with something catchy. It is a splendid way to make people remember your business name. Have you ever feel the big brand name like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. This domain looks like the perfect domain name.

3) Avoid using hyphens

We often see the hyphens in domain names. It is the bad part of a domain name. The visitors often forget the type the hyphen and even they often forget about it also. Why People purchase the domain with hyphens? They don’t find the domain name exact match with their business name because someone has already had it. So, in this case, try to have the alternative name for your business.

4) Avoid using numbers

If possible, try avoiding the use of numbers in your domain name, as this can also lead to confusion (e.g. was that or ?).

But if you have to use a number, make sure you register both the written and numerical versions of your domain name ( and

5) Grab a thesaurus

If you still want to the same domain name (but is already registered) – grab a thesaurus (or visit

Say you are running a flower shop, then find the similar word for fragrance, flower etc. You will definitely get an idea about your new domain name which will have the perfect domain name.

And don’t be afraid to use a little imagination – companies like Google and Yahoo! have benefited a lot by having a unique web address.

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